Franka ROS 2 Release: Empowering Robotics Research and Industry Applications


The world of robotics is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by advancements in technologies and ecosystems such as the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS 2, the successor to the widely acclaimed ROS 1, has become a beacon of innovation, opening new doors for researchers and industry professionals alike. With this news post, we delve into the first release of our Franka ROS 2 package in its version 0.1.0., bringing the famous franka_ros packages to the current ROS 2 LTS Humble Hawksbill.

In this new release the package provides the most widely used functionalities and enables users to enrich their FR3 robots with the extensive possibilities ROS 2 provides. In the coming weeks and months, the package will be extended with more functionalities to bring all of Franka Emika’s features fully into the ROS 2 world.

ROS 2 caters to a wide spectrum of customers. The primary target users of the initial release of the Franka ROS 2 package are researchers and developers who are seeking robust and versatile tools to shape the future of robotics.

Franka ROS 2 Benefits:

Torque Controller and Joint Trajectory Controller: The Franka ROS 2 package introduces an innovative torque controller in conjunction with the existing joint trajectory controller. This enhancement enables researchers to explore advanced control techniques, experiment with intricate scenarios, and push the boundaries of robot manipulation.

Devcontainer Support on Vscode: Simplifying the development environment has been a focal point of the Franka ROS 2 package. With devcontainer support on Vscode, developers can seamlessly use the package without the need for installations. This feature enhances development efficiency, allowing developers to work across different Ubuntu versions effortlessly. By eradicating installation barriers, ROS 2 Humble becomes more accessible, fostering quicker and more streamlined development cycles.


Robot State Broadcaster and Robot Model Interface: The initial release of the Franka ROS 2 package introduces the robot state broadcaster and robot model interface. This advancement empowers developers with direct access to robot model parameters, providing a foundation to develop customized controllers and algorithms. It enables developers to craft solutions tailored to their unique requirements. The result is a higher degree of flexibility and adaptability in robotics applications.


Navigating the ROS 2 Release

For those eager to use the Franka ROS 2 package, the official repository is located at It not only provides access to the latest advancements but also encourages active participation and contribution to the rapidly evolving ROS 2 ecosystem. 

Whether you are a researcher pushing the boundaries of knowledge or seeking efficiency in automation, the release of the Franka ROS 2 package presents a gateway to innovation.

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